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How to maintain the O-ring?


The O-type sealing ring should ensure good sealing and […]

The O-type sealing ring should ensure good sealing and practical effect during use. It must have good storage and usage scenarios, and be maintained and maintained in a suitable environment.
Therefore, the method of storage and maintenance is as follows.
1. The material of the O type sealing ring should be sufficient rubber material to improve the resilience and the ability to resist compressive deformation;
2. The surface of the metal component is too rough. The sharp boundary and the unreasonable installation method can easily cause damage to the o-ring. Be sure to refurbish the surface of the metal parts to round out sharp edges. Pay close attention to the installation conditions. Select the maintenance module as needed to prevent laser cutting from damaging the O-rings outside the metal components, and you can also consider adding lubricants during the installation stage;
3. Improve the coaxiality of prefabricated components, reduce the height of irregular axial clearance caused by axial force, and relieve the extrusion of O-rings;
4. Carrying corrosive sediment contaminants in the liquid is another cause of corrosion of O-ring seals. These deposits must be filtered out with a filter unit, or select wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant o-ring materials such as nitrile and polyurethane;
5. A large number of micro-cracks perpendicular to the direction of in-situ stress are caused by active oxygen corrosion, which requires the selection of raw materials that can withstand active oxygen corrosion;


The O-Ring is a low cost. The reason the value of the multifunctional sealing method is so dynamic is that it has an integrated advantage that other types of sealing cannot match. Reasonable selection of .o-rings for long-term and effective work ensures program design and reasonable maintenance.