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How waterproof is the silicone rubber seal?


Silicone rubber sealing ring is a commonly used silicon […]

Silicone rubber sealing ring is a commonly used silicone rubber O-ring, which is one of the silicone rubber products. Its application range is sealing. Moisture-proof.
Silicone rubber sealing ring has strong temperature adaptability, can be applied at -50-250℃, and has the same characteristics at 150℃, which can be almost applied. The unique material can reach 300℃. Therefore, boiling water will not affect the filling. If the food needs to be sealed, silicone seals can also be used. Because the silicone products are non-toxic and tasteless, they have the certification system of food-grade silica gel and medical-grade silica gel.
Silicone fillers also have good insulating properties and dielectric loss, voltage resistance, electrical isolation resistance, and new coronavirus resistance. Among insulating materials, the volume resistivity and surface resistivity are far ahead, and their electrical properties are not easily affected by temperature and frequency.
Therefore, the waterproof performance of silicone seals is very good. In addition, different kinds of sealing rings can be produced according to different sealing parts, such as fluorine rubber sealing parts, neoprene sealing parts, neoprene sealing parts, etc. Even the color can be customized by the manufacturer. Silicone is not only highly moisture-resistant, but also better than similar products in other ways.