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VA/VS Rubber Water Seal, Dust Seal

VA/VS Rubber Water Seal, Dust Seal


VA/VS Rubber Water Seal, Dust Seal Description

V-shaped sealing has good elasticity, and it is easy to stretch. It fits with the shaft, and rotates with axis together. The sealing lip has good activity and adaptability, socompared to other sealing,V-shaped sealing has smaller tolerance and fit, simpler design, and it cover the problem of the eccentricity of the rotating shaft.
V-shaped sealing has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, high work reliability, which make the design workload of trench and installation greatly reduced.
Therefore,V-shaped water sealing is widely applied in industrial engineering.
water-treatment plants, rolling machines, lathes and other fields.

1. Easy and reliable installation and teardown
2. Both sealing and dust prevention
3. Pure rubber elastomer material without metal
4. Reduce the design aspects of the workers, there is no installation and processing requirements
5. Cancel the requirement of shaft fitting the surface machining and surface accuracy and hardness, and shaft surface do not need to harden.
6. The surface contact pressure is small, so the friction is small, the frictional loss and frictional heating is little, and the service life is long Technical Parameters:
1. Operating temperature:-40℃-+200℃(depending on rubber)
2. Operating speed:≤30m/s Materials: fluorine rubber, NBR(nitrile-butadiene rubber)

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