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What are the performance and storage methods of O-rings?


O-ring is a circular seal with a cross-sectional shape. […]

O-ring is a circular seal with a cross-sectional shape. O-rings are widely used in various mechanical equipment to achieve a certain temperature, pressure and the role of different sealing liquid or gas media. O-rings are similar to other seals. Compared with, there are five superior functions:
1. The O-ring has a simple sealing structure, compact installation and light weight.
2. The sealing ring has a self-sealing function with good sealing effect.
3. The O-ring has good sealing performance. It is used as a fixed seal with almost no leakage. It is used as a mobile seal and only leaks when the speed is high.
4. The frictional resistance of the O-ring movement is very small, which can adapt to pressure changes.
5. The size and groove of O-ring are standardized, low cost, easy to use, easy to use and outsource.

Compared with other sealing rings, O-rings also have the following three problems:
1. The friction resistance of O-ring starting is great.
2. When the pneumatic equipment is sealed, the O-ring must be lubricated to prevent wear.
3. The size and accuracy of coupling accessories such as O-ring and moving surface, groove and gap are very strict.




O-ring storage method:
O-ring groove, beware of O-ring distortion, when installing O-ring, you can consider sealing the medium in the groove and O-ring, and try not to open the original packaging O-ring when not in use, so as to avoid dust or foreign matter. O-rings may cause damage to the O-rings, and avoid direct sunlight or placing them in boilers and other high-temperature heat sources to avoid aging the O-rings. Avoid strapping on pins or wires to avoid deformed O-rings and lip injuries. . During the storage process, special attention should be paid to the occasional discoloration of the O-ring, that is, white powder on the surface of the O-ring will not adversely affect the function of the O-ring.
1. The O-ring should avoid direct sunlight, humidity and air circulation. In order to prevent the accelerated aging of the O-ring, the optimal temperature of the O-ring should be 0-20℃, and the appropriate humidity of the air should exceed 70%. In addition, radiation, aversion, insects, rodents, dust, sand and mechanical damage should be avoided.
2. The storage area of ​​the O-ring must be greater than 1 meter, and no contact with liquids and gases, such as acids, alkalis, and solvents, is allowed. Use any device that generates ozone during storage.
3. It is not allowed to be compressed, stretched or other forms, ropes, wires, etc. are not allowed to hang the product on the bolt.
4. O-rings are usually packed in plastic bags, and the effective warranty period is 2-3 years.