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What are the characteristics of hydraulic seals?


It is stipulated that the leakage of hydraulic seals is […]

It is stipulated that the leakage of hydraulic seals is very small, which is the same as stipulating that the leakage of hydraulic seals is not easy to have a big difference under various working conditions and natural environments. ZHEJIANG JIACHENG NEW MATERIAL CO ., LTD. tell everyone that hydraulic seals must have these characteristics?



1. The acoustic friction resistance should be as small as possible
Suitable is good. If there is excess frictional resistance, it will undoubtedly increase the functional loss of machinery and equipment and reduce the service life of machinery and equipment. In order to better prevent and reduce the poor working conditions of such hydraulic crawling caused by hydraulic machinery and equipment, hydraulic seals must have as low static friction resistance and dynamic friction resistance as possible to avoid the occurrence of hydraulic cylinders that do not occur at a rate under the air pressure effect. A well-balanced condition (will continue to be accompanied by vibrations and noises).

2. Must have excellent compatibility
Many hydraulic sealing rings are all in a closed office environment such as hydraulic oil for a long time. The hydraulic sealing rings with long-term soaking and poor compatibility will be solubilized, melted or immediately aged and hardened. Due to its own compatibility problems, hydraulic seals will gradually lose their sealing effect after a period of time.

3. Long service life
A good hydraulic sealing ring product, in addition to good compatibility and stable friction resistance, must also have excellent ductility, temperature resistance, cold resistance, compression resistance, abrasion resistance and a certain degree Physics impact toughness.