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High temperature resistant fluorine rubber O-ring


In order to reach 200 degrees, after special treatment, […]

In order to reach 200 degrees, after special treatment, it can reach 250 degrees.

With the development of industry, the amount of fluororubber is getting larger and larger, and the application fields of high temperature resistant fluorine rubber O-ring are as follows:

I. Chemical Processes and Petroleum Refining: This sealing product is used in mechanical seals, pumps, reactors, mixers, compressor housings, valves, meters and other equipment. Usually used as a seat, stem packing, diaphragm and gasket.

Second, analysis and process instruments: separators, diaphragms, cylindrical fittings, hoops, gaskets, etc.

Third, semiconductor manufacturing.

Fourth, food and system

Five, and the field of heaven.

Fluororubber: a rubber containing fluorine atoms. Fluororubber has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, oil resistance and resistance to various chemical attackes. As the requirements of reliability and safety of the automotive industry continue to increase, the amount of fluorine rubber used in automobiles is also rapidly increasing. increase.

Main properties: stability; high temperature resistance; aging resistance; vacuum; good physical and mechanical properties; good insulation; good gas permeability, poor low temperature, radiation resistance.

Type: Fluororubber 23, commonly known as No. 1 glue in China, is a copolymer of vinylidene fluoride and chlorotrifluoroethylene.

Fluororubber 26, commonly known as No. 2 rubber in China, DuPont grade VITON A, is a vinylidene fluoride and copolymer, and its overall performance is better than No. 1 rubber.

Fluororubber 246, commonly known as No. 3 rubber in China, DuPont brand VITON B, is a vinylidene fluoride, tetrafluoroethylene, terpolymer, fluorine content higher than 26 glue, good solvent resistance.

Fluororubber TP, commonly known as Sijiao in China, Asahi Glass grade AFLAS, is a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and hydrocarbon, which is superior in water vapor resistance and alkali resistance.

The fluoroether rubber, DuPont grade VITON GLT, is a vinylidene fluoride, tetrafluoroethylene, point monomer quaternary copolymer, excellent in low temperature performance.

Perfluoroether rubber, DuPont grade KALREZ, excellent low temperature performance, high fluorine content, excellent solvent resistance.

Fluorosilicone rubber, excellent in low temperature performance and solvent resistance

Fluororubber production suppliers are not just DuPont. In the Chinese market, imported fluorine rubber suppliers include 3M in the US, Daikin in Japan and Solvay in Europe.

We own 3F, Chenguang, Dongyue and so on.

Fluororubber (FKM, FPM) molecular formula

(1) Molecular structure


—(CH2—CF2 ) ( CF2—CF) A—Type


—(CH2—CF2 ) ( CF2—CF) (CF2—CF2 ) B—Type/ F —Type


—(CH2—CF2 ) ( CF2—CF) (CF2—CF2 ) CSM G—Type


—(CF2—CF ) ( CH2—CH2) (CF2—CF2 ) ETP

—(CF2—CF2 )( CH2—CH) TFE/P

C H3

English abbreviation: FPM/FKM/F/VT/V

Hardness: 50-90 degrees.

Color: usually made of black, blue, brown, green, can also be customized according to customer color.