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Wear-resistant rubber O-ring


Wear-resistant rubber O-ring is an O-ring made of rubbe […]

Wear-resistant rubber O-ring is an O-ring made of rubber raw material with high wear resistance. The product model is wear-resistant nitrile rubber O-ring, wear-resistant NBR rubber O-ring, wear-resistant silicone rubber O Ring, wear-resistant fluoro rubber O-ring, wear-resistant FKM rubber O-ring, wear-resistant EPDM rubber O-ring, wear-resistant PU rubber O-ring, etc.

Wear-resistant rubber O-rings are excellent in performance:

1) The wear resistance index is up to 128%;

2) rebound reaches 80%;

3) The tensile strength reaches 23.5MP; the tear strength reaches 65~78N/mm.

Wear-resistant rubber O-ring advantage:

First, wear-resistant rubber "to soft gram"

The long molecular chain in the wear-resistant rubber is almost not damaged, and the elasticity is good, which effectively improves the wear-resisting and anti-cutting performance of the rubber, and reduces the damage of the rubber microstructure to a low limit, so that the product maintains the original wear resistance of the natural rubber. , tensile properties and other characteristics. Unlike hard materials such as cast stone, composite ceramics, alloys, and steel, the elasticity of rubber absorbs and repels impact and friction, and perfectly expresses its "softness" characteristics.

Second, anti-wear, corrosion resistance

Wear-resistant rubber has an abrasion resistance index of up to 128%. Aofute practitioners randomly selected two kinds of common wear-resistant rubber and Aofuite rubber for comparison in the market. The results show that it takes only 13.8 hours and 24 hours to wear 1 mm of rubber. Aussie wear rubber takes 100 hours.

Third, the service life is equivalent to 2-4 times of other rubber

Due to the excellent performance of the Ofult rubber O-ring in terms of tensile strength, anti-corrosion and wear resistance, its service life is longer than that of ordinary rubber. For the protection of equipment, the service life of Aofoate wear-resistant rubber products is equivalent to other rubbers. 2-4 times the product.

Fourth, easy cutting, flexible application

Aussie wear-resistant rubber can be made in a large size of 9.26 × 1.26m. The user can arbitrarily cut and cold-stick the wear-resistant rubber sheet according to the requirements of the on-site pipeline, pipe fittings, funnel, chute, drum, etc., like the tailoring clothes, and enhance the flexibility of use.

Rubber O-rings have the following advantages compared to other types of seals:

1, suitable for a variety of sealing forms: static sealing, dynamic sealing,

Suitable for a variety of materials, sizes and grooves have been standardized, interchangeable

2, suitable for a variety of sports: rotary motion, axial reciprocating motion or combined motion (such as rotary reciprocating combined motion)

3, suitable for a variety of different sealing media: oil, water, gas, chemical media or other mixed media

Effective sealing of oil, water, air, gas and various chemical media through the selection of suitable rubber materials and appropriate formulation. The temperature range is wide (-60 °C ~ + 220 °C), and the pressure can be up to 1500Kg/cm2 in fixed use (combined with reinforcing ring).

4, the design is simple, the structure is small, easy to assemble and disassemble

The rubber O-ring cross-section structure is extremely simple, and has a self-sealing effect, and the sealing performance is reliable. Since the rubber O-ring itself and the mounting structure are extremely simple and standardized, installation and replacement is very easy.

5, many varieties of materials

Can be selected according to different fluids: NBR, fluoroelastomer (FKM), silicone rubber (SIL), EPDM, chloroprene (CR), natural rubber (NR) hydrogenation Butadiene rubber (HNBR), butyl rubber (IIR), silicone rubber (FLS), etc.

6, low cost

The choice of rubber O-ring hardness is more important. For example, the hardness of a water pump turbine of a power station is 70 (Shore) seal ring, which is often peeled off or even cut horizontally. After that, a sealing ring of 85 to 90 (Shore) is used, and the effect is ideal.

Low hardness and easy installation, but prone to peeling, installation damage, extrusion and even pressure. The hardness is too high and the installation is inconvenient.

Usually the rubber O-ring hardness is 40-90 IRHD, but 70 IRHD is generally suitable in use. For silicone rubber, 60 IRHD is generally used.