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What is the solution to the oil leakage of the oil seal ring?


1. Grasp and identify the basic knowledge of counterfei […]

1. Grasp and identify the basic knowledge of counterfeit and inferior oil seal products, and purchase high-quality and standardized oil seals.

2. Before the oil seal sealing ring is installed, if the outer roughness of the journal is low or there are defects such as rust, rust, burrs, etc., it should be polished with fine sand cloth or whetstone. Coat the matching parts with clean car oil or grease. Oil seal outside coating
Apply sealant, wrap the groove on the shaft with a cardboard shell to prevent scratching the lip of the oil seal, and use common tools to turn the oil seal inward and insert it. Broken spring and invalid; if lip occurs
When the port is reversed, the spring falls off and the oil seal is tilted, be sure to remove it and install it again. It should be noted that when the journal is not worn and the oil seal spring is sufficiently elastic, it is not necessary to tighten the inner spring without permission.

3. The oil seal ring used in mechanical equipment is generally standard in work, the temperature difference in the natural environment is large, there is a lot of floating dust, and the equipment vibrates frequently, which makes the bearing capacity of the parts change continuously. Therefore, frequent inspection, maintenance and maintenance are required. .

4. If the journal and rolling bearing are seriously damaged, the vulcanized rubber of the oil seal is brittle or the spring is invalid, maintenance and replacement of the relative components should be carried out immediately.

5. For abnormally hot components or the overall process, common faults should be eliminated immediately to prevent mechanical equipment from overspeeding and overloading.