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What is the effect of oil seal material on sealing performance?


The selection of oil seal materials requires many consi […]

The selection of oil seal materials requires many considerations, because the different properties of oil seal materials have unknown effects on the sealing performance of oil seals. Therefore, the performance of the oil seal material also needs to be paid attention to.
1. Medium resistance.
The degree of swelling of the oil seal in the medium is related to the quality of the sealing performance. The swelling of each different medium and the sealing material is different. Therefore, when selecting the material, it is necessary to consider what kind of medium requires what kind of sealing material. Only in this way In order to ensure the sealing performance of the seal.
2. Tensile strength.
As a skeleton oil seal of rubber material, the tensile strength generally decreases with the gradual increase of temperature, so when selecting materials, it is necessary to consider the maximum operating temperature of the seal and whether the mechanical properties of the seal at the highest temperature are stable and reliable. .
3. Hardness.
The hardness of the oil seal should be determined by the roughness of the sealing surface. If the sealing surface is rough, the hardness of the selected seal should be lower. Only in this way, the sealing effect will be good. For parts with high sealing pressure, the hardness of the seal should be appropriately high, otherwise it may be squeezed out by high pressure. In addition to this, it should also be considered that the hardness of the sealing material decreases with increasing temperature.
4. Wear resistance.
The sealing performance of the sealing material depends largely on the wear resistance of the material. If the wear resistance is good, the sealing performance will be good and the service life will be long; if the wear resistance is not good, the sealing effect will be poor and the service life will be long. just short.
5. Permanent deformation performance.
If the oil seal is permanently deformed under the action of external force for a long time, the sealing effect is not good. Therefore, when selecting materials, it should be considered that the permanent deformation of the sealing material should be small, the elasticity should be high, and the rebound ability should be strong.
6. Temperature resistance.
The temperature of the oil seal depends on the temperature of the sealing medium and the temperature rise of the seal itself during the movement process. The temperature directly affects the sealing performance. Therefore, the sealing material used to manufacture the seal should have a wide range of high and low temperature resistance.