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What causes the rubber sealing ring to break?


Rubber seals are widely used in the sealing field becau […]

Rubber seals are widely used in the sealing field because of their superior elasticity and compression properties, which can effectively prevent media leakage. It is precisely because of the wide application of rubber seals that their use occasions and application environments are diversified and uncertain. These are all important reasons for the frequent failure of rubber sealing rings. Fracture is an important phenomenon, which accounts for more than 80% of the defects. What is the reason for the fracture of rubber sealing rings?



1. Overload: Every material and product has its own safety load, and rubber seals are no exception. For example, the rated load of the rubber ring is 10N, and the working environment is 20n. Under this kind of overload, it is easy to break. Therefore, it is necessary to refer to relevant information to see how heavy the product load is? Is the product overloaded? Generally speaking, it is safer not to exceed 90% of the product load.

2. Material aging: In most cases, material aging is also an important cause of fracture. Every substance has its own life. If it is used for a long time, it will break if it exceeds its life. After the product is aged, it will become hard and brittle, and stress concentration will appear at the notch, leading to fracture. Therefore, the rubber sealing ring on the mechanical product needs to be re-aged and replaced before it is broken to avoid safety accidents caused by the rubber ring breaking.

3. The fracture of the product after corrosion is easy to understand. For example, the material of the silicone sealing ring is not oil-resistant. How to place the silicone sealing ring in an oily environment for a long time is easy to be corroded and broken; in addition, in a chemically corrosive environment, if If the fluorine rubber seal ring is not used, it is easy to break, and only the fluorine rubber seal ring has corrosion resistance. Therefore, when selecting product materials, it is necessary to understand the material characteristics and environmental media. Only when the material and medium match, the product can play its greatest role.