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What are the sealing rules on the seal?


Sealing ring is the general term for moving ring and st […]

Sealing ring is the general term for moving ring and static ring (same), and it is the most critical part of mechanical seal. The seal ring determines the performance index and service life of the seal to a large extent, so some clear regulations have been put forward for it.

Adequate compressive strength and bending stiffness

Under the operating standards (such as working pressure, tightness, resistance rate, etc.), the deformation should be as small as possible. When the working standards fluctuate up and down, the tightness should be maintained.

The sealing hole needs sufficient strength and corrosion resistance
Ensure that the working standards have a satisfactory service life.

The sealing ring needs excellent high temperature impact performance

Therefore, it is stipulated that the raw material has a high heat transfer coefficient and a small thermal expansion coefficient and cracks when subjected to thermal shock.

Requires small friction resistance and excellent self-wetting

The matching of the sealing ring requires low friction resistance and good self-wetting. The raw materials of the sealing ring and the sealing fluid mechanics also need good wettability. If dry friction occurs within a short period of time, the inner hole of the seal will not be damaged.

Simple symmetry should be ensured, and the whole body structure should be given priority

You can also choose a combined (for example, built-in) seal ring to minimize the paint-type structure with a sealing hole.