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What are the reasons for O-ring groove damage?


Causes of O-ring groove damage When repairing mechanica […]

Causes of O-ring groove damage

When repairing mechanical equipment, by inspecting the damage of the O-ring groove, not only the damage and the cause can be known, but also the relevant information of the hydraulic system can be obtained.

1. The O-ring groove produces radial cuts or bites, which may be caused by excessive pressure, sharp contact angles, excessive sealing gaps in moving parts, improper installation and excessive soft rubber ring material, but hydraulic systems are not excluded. Caused by long-term overheating;
2. The O-ring groove produces an axial cut, which may be caused by scratches or uneven clearance during installation;
3. The flattening deformation of the O-ring groove is caused by poor material and insufficient elasticity;
4. Severe wear of O-ring is due to poor lubrication. If it is twisted, it is improper installation;
5. If the O-ring expands, it means that the hydraulic oil is not suitable or the apron material is improper;
6. The partial damage may be caused by improper installation, or the oil contains impurities, or it may be caused by rotating parts;
7. O-ring fracture indicates that the system is overheated. Check whether the oil quality type, pressure is too high, and the cooling condition is good.