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What are the reasons and solutions for the sealing failure of the rotating seal?


There are many reasons for the seal failure of the rota […]

There are many reasons for the seal failure of the rotating dynamic seal. Dongsheng Seal tells you that the following common problems are the broad reasons:


First. Reasons for too much leakage and solutions:
1. The installation of the rotary seal is incorrect. If the seal is properly installed, do not install or move it backwards, which can solve the difficulty of too much leakage;
2. If the sealing lip pressure of the rotating seal is insufficient (such as frame seal), the product specifications of the seal should be reviewed to see if it is working properly;
3. The unevenness of the shaft may also lead to the leakage of the sealing chemicals. The solution is to reduce the roughness of the shaft, or choose softer seal products or other seal materials;
4. The sealing lip and palate of the seal are cracked, causing the sealing chemicals to be exposed from the gap, and the reason for the cracking of the sealing lip and palate is likely to be due to unevenness of the shaft surface, or the use of incorrect sealing materials or speed, and the temperature is too high. As a result, the problem can be solved if the seal product suitable for the working situation is selected;
5. The seal is damaged: disassemble the seal product and improve the wear resistance of the seal.


Second. Reasons and solutions for excessive friction between the seal and the sealing surface:
1. The friction caused by the lubrication between the seal and the sealing surface is too large. If it is possible to allow disassembly and replacement of PTFE seal products, it can improve the self-lubrication and reduce the friction of the friction surface;
2. The preload is too large. In this case, it can be solved by changing the sealing type;
3. Frictional resistance caused by excessive pressure in the working environment. In such cases, the sealing type must be designed from a new scheme.


Third. Reasons for damage of seals and solutions:
1. During the installation of the seal, due to improper installation or loss, the seal was damaged before use, and the expected effect of the seal could not be guaranteed. Therefore, when installing the seal, we must install it properly and use common tools appropriately;
2. There are grinding particles in the sealed geographical environment (or shaft damage). In a dusty working environment, everyone must also use a dust ring for the sealing part.


Fourth. Reasons and solutions for the excessive damage of the seals:
1. Too much damage is caused by the sealing type or incorrect selection of seal materials. Before selecting the seals, we must use more suitable seals according to the specifications of the working environment;
2. Excessive pressure in the working environment is one of the reasons that cause the seal to be too damaged. The solution is to use a more suitable method of forming the seal according to the working environment specification;
3. The temperature of the working environment is too high, causing the seal to be hardened and damaged too much. We must use more suitable high-temperature seal products according to the specifications of the working environment.