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What are the hazards of hydraulic seal failure?


1. Failure of the hydraulic seal will damage the enviro […]

1. Failure of the hydraulic seal will damage the environment, pollute the environment, and leave a hidden danger of injury and safety
The seal in the hydraulic press is divided into static seal and dynamic seal. The leakage is divided into internal wall leakage and external cavity leakage. External leakage refers to the leakage of substances outside the hydraulic system when the fluid working in the body of the hydraulic machine seals the cavity. This leaked liquid may flow onto the road or objects, which will pollute the environment and work places and endanger the cleanup of the natural environment; and gear oils are generally flammable or even relatively flammable items, leaving a fire safety hazard. The leaked oil not only pollutes the environment, but also suffers from environmental pollution caused by floating dust or other factors that cause mildew and cannot be reused. The leaked oil resources are consumed by the white and cannot be reused. The consumption of this type of externally leaking oil resources is extremely large.



2. The failure of the hydraulic seal will reduce the working pressure and the output force
Hydraulic equipment is relatively large. One of the advantages depends on the fact that it can output a much larger force or torque than this type of machinery when it occupies the same volume and material. The key is that it never weakly transmits working pressure. . However, because the leakage will cause the working pressure to decrease and the working pressure fluctuates, its output force or torque will also decrease, and it will fluctuate, which greatly harms the working ability of the hydraulic equipment, and even causes unexpected bitter consequences. Disaster, such as a warship that has already fought, if there is a serious leak, causing blood pressure or even pressure, the hydraulic steering gear will lose its ability to control direction, although it may not help to operate emergency equipment. Even the national hydraulic equipment on land cannot work due to serious leakage, lowering blood pressure or overpressure. Shutdown is not certain, leading to interruption of production and production process failure, resulting in obvious damage.


3. The failure of hydraulic seals will reduce the rate
In the hydraulic system, the hydraulic machine implements the components (such as the hydraulic cylinder, its operating rate is determined by its total fluid flow rate, and is positively correlated with the total fluid flow rate). Because of the leakage, the rated value of the total cutting fluid flow is reduced, and the hydraulic machine implements If the output rate of the component slows down, the work done per unit time will be less, and the work efficiency will be greatly reduced. When it is more serious, the output rate of the component is too low, which may lead to unpredictable adverse effects. If a leak occurs in the automatic control system of the hydraulic press, it may harm the operating speed and slow down the operating efficiency. In the complicated management procedures, because the operating efficiency is not carried out on time, it may cause confusion in the management procedures, and the result is likely to be irreparable. Incorrect, causing bitter results.


4. The failure of hydraulic seal will consume electricity and energy, reduce capacity and high efficiency
In the hydraulic system, whether it is hydraulic oil pump leakage, oil motor leakage, or hydraulic oil cylinder leakage, it will cause high capacity and efficiency reduction. And under the fixed conditions of total working pressure and flow rate, there must be a certain amount of kinetic energy to provide. If the motor is used as the engine, it is stipulated to maintain the required kinetic energy, and part of this kinetic energy will flow out without any work due to the leakage. It consumes electric energy. This kind of electric energy is a transformation of materialized labor, specifically it is consuming everyone's own laborers and consuming money.


5. The failure of hydraulic seal is likely to damage personal safety and endanger safety
When the working pressure of the hydraulic system p=30MPa or higher working pressure, especially at high pressure, if there is leakage in the micro-orifice or micro-gap, there will be a high-speed jet shooting. If the distance between the microplates or the micro gaps is close, the jet will shoot people's bodies like cannonballs or sharp knives, which will damage people more seriously. If the object is shot by a high-speed liquid column, it will also be damaged. Objectivity is the same as high pressure jet laser cutting objects. This kind of tiny round holes and fine gaps are easy to produce in the welded joints or low-density welds, loose parts or cracks, external threads, etc., because they are subject to long-term high pressure or alternating loads and impacts. Under sexual load, micro-orifice plates and micro gaps are suddenly caused, and the high-speed jet suddenly shoots out. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the high pressure, especially the leakage of micro orifice plates and micro gaps of high-pressure hydraulic equipment, and high-speed jets that damage people or things that are unsafe, and try to prevent them from occurring.