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What are the countermeasures for oil leakage due to poor sealing of the oil seal?


1. Master and identify the basic knowledge of fake and […]

1. Master and identify the basic knowledge of fake and inferior products, and choose high-quality and standard oil seals.

2. During installation, if the outer surface roughness of the shaft diameter is low or there are defects such as rust spots, rust, burrs, etc., use a fine emery cloth or oil stone to smooth it; apply clean oil or grease on the oil seal lip or the corresponding position of the shaft diameter. Apply sealant to the outer ring of the oil seal, wrap the keyway on the shaft with hard paper to avoid scratching the lip of the oil seal, and use a special tool to rotate the oil seal inward and press it in. Do not smash hard to prevent the oil seal from being deformed. Or crush the spring and fail; if the lip is flanged, the spring falls off and the oil seal is skewed, it must be removed and re-installed. It should be noted that when the shaft diameter is not worn and the oil seal spring has sufficient elasticity, do not tighten the inner spring without authorization.

3. Oil seals used in machinery are generally subject to harsh working conditions, large environmental temperature differences, a lot of dust, and frequent vibrations of machines and tools, when the stress conditions of the parts are constantly changing, they should be inspected, maintained and maintained frequently.

4. If the shaft diameter and bearing are seriously worn; the oil seal rubber is aging or the spring is invalid, etc., repair and replace the corresponding parts in time.

5. Troubleshoot abnormally hot parts or assemblies in time; avoid mechanical overspeed and overload operation to prevent oil seal lip temperature rise, rubber aging, and early lip wear.

6. Check the oil level frequently. If there are too many impurities in the oil, alloy powder and metal iron filings should be completely replaced with new oil. The brand and quality of the oil changed should meet the requirements of the season. It is recommended to add Metrex Super Sealant & Lubricant to the oil, it is an excellent gearbox additive, it can form a film of inert material on the parts, it can slow the leakage of oil seals and prolong the life of oil sealed gears It can also reduce the noise of the gearbox, the use of this Metre super-sealed lubricant will not contaminate or deteriorate the oil.
User guides:
① When the volume of lubricating oil of the reducer is less than or equal to 7 liters, the amount of lubricating oil added per liter is 20-30ml;
② When 7-15 liters, the amount of addition is 15-20ml per liter of lubricating oil;
③ When >15 liters, add 10ml per liter of lubricating oil;

7. Oil seals that are not used temporarily should be kept properly to prevent them from being stained with oil, dust or sun exposure.

8. When the shaft diameter is worn into a "V"-shaped groove, so that the contact pressure between the new oil seal lip and the shaft cannot be used to seal the oil, the displacement method can be used to make up for it.