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What are the basic properties of hydraulic press seals?


The characteristics of the hydraulic press seal ring ar […]

The characteristics of the hydraulic press seal ring are mainly reflected in the quality of the hydraulic system and the application of the hydraulic transmission system. The key index values ​​are sealing, life, adaptability to natural environment, stability and safety factor.



1. Sealing ability
It is stipulated that the sealing ring and sealing device of the hydraulic press have the ability to seal the liquid, that is, it can seal the liquid in the closed cavity and not allow the liquid to discharge or leak out of the corresponding cavity. Static seals can still be guaranteed for this matter, while dynamic seals are not suitable for guarantees. In other words, the definition of tightness is used to reflect the advantages of the ability of a certain type of hydraulic press to seal. At this stage, for the dynamic seal, the sealing ability of the good sealing device, in other words, the quality of its sealing characteristics.

2. Sealing life
Although the life of hydraulic seals or sealing devices is affected by many factors, such as their materials, application environment and working standards, not only the length of time the sealing ring or sealing device is effective is used as its lifespan measurement. That is, it is gradually applied in the hydraulic system or hydraulic transmission system, and its sealing is reasonable at this time, that is, the leakage amount is within the required "allowable leakage rate"; Quantity" deadline. This period of time is the life of the seal or seal. At this stage, the life of the sealing ring can reach ten years. Generally, the life of the sealing ring and sealing device is about 3 months to one year. In the same hydraulic press sealing system software, the specific sealing effective time lengths of different sealing rings and sealing devices must be as consistent or similar as possible. Damage or destruction of the sealing ring and the sealing device will endanger the effectiveness of the sealing. If the service life is to be long, the raw material of the sealing ring should have a certain compressive strength, bending stiffness and strength, the specified damage factor is low, and it has good ductility. The dynamic seal should also have a good moisturizing standard, and its sealing ring structure should have an effective geometric shape and must not be flawed.

3. Adaptability to the natural environment
To put it bluntly, the natural environment refers to the indoor and outdoor, inland or deep sea, subtropical or cold temperate zone, dry or very humid environment, indoor space is dusty, dusty or clean, no wind enters, there is corrosive gas or clean and harmless gas , The sun is strong or weak, is there active oxygen, etc.? This should take into account whether the sealing ring or sealing device of the hydraulic press is integrated in such a natural environment, whether it will endanger its seal and the life of the sealing ring or sealing device. For example, in the cold temperate zone, the raw materials of some sealing rings are likely to be hard and even cracked; if they are exposed to obvious sunlight or active oxygen, some sealing materials are easily brittle; if they are long-term in the subtropical zone, the materials are likely to become loose. If this kind of sealing ring cannot be integrated into the natural environment in which it is located, its sealing characteristics will be reduced and the service life will be shortened, so the integration of the sealing natural environment must be considered.