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What are the advantages of using flange gaskets?


The role of flange gaskets is reflected in many flange […]

The role of flange gaskets is reflected in many flange connections, and flange gaskets are very practical. There are many types of flanges, such as stainless steel, rubber, etc. There are many types of gaskets, and the performance of the gaskets are also different. Here we share with you the performance and parameters of stainless steel flange gaskets.
Performance and parameters of flange gaskets
First, understand the normal temperature performance of the gasket for the lower flange, which is divided into compressibility, stress relaxation performance, and sealing performance.
1. Compressibility of flange gasket—refers to the change of the thickness of the gasket after compression, which characterizes the rigidity of the gasket.
Resilience of flange sealing gasket——refers to the recovery amount of gasket thickness after compressive load is removed.
2. Stress relaxation performance-When bolt load is applied to the sealed connection of bolt-flange-seal, the compressive stress acting on the flange seal will make the gasket thin. The thickness of the gasket will continue to decrease, and the stress on the flange gasket will gradually decrease. This phenomenon of stress reduction is called stress relaxation.
3. Sealing performance of flange gasket
密封 The sealing performance of flange gaskets means that under a specific operating condition, the leakage rate that flange gaskets can achieve is lower than a specified index leakage rate. The leakage rate refers to the leakage amount of the medium fluid per second through the flange gasket under standard experimental conditions.
Then the high temperature performance of the flange gasket.
Under high temperature conditions, the flange gasket's physical and mechanical properties will change. For example, the high temperature will reduce the rebound ability of the flange gasket. The flange gasket will creep and relax under high temperature. The stress of flange gasket is reduced; the material of flange gasket is aging under high temperature. Therefore, high temperature sealing is much more difficult than normal temperature sealing.
Therefore, for flange connection at high temperature, a gasket must be used. The experiment proves that the leakage rate and the medium pressure are basically linear and have the general characteristics of viscous fluid laminar flow; the leakage rate and the flange sealing gasket compression stress have a negative exponential relationship. The larger the residual compression stress, the smaller the leakage rate ; Leakage rate increases with increasing temperature, the two have an exponential relationship