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V-ring seal custom-structure The V-ring seal has a V-sh […]

V-ring seal custom-structure
The V-ring seal has a V-shaped cross section and is also a lip-shaped seal.
The V-ring seal ring device is composed of a support ring, a seal ring and a pressure ring. The standard included angle of the V-ring seal is 90 °, and 60 ° is also used in special occasions. The support ring is an important part for supporting the V-shaped seal ring. Its cross section is thick and sturdy, the size is accurate, and the concave angle is the same as that of the V-ring seal ring (90 °) or slightly larger.
The function of the pressure ring is to cause an initial compression amount to the V-shaped seal ring, make it fully contact the sealed surface, and adjust the compression amount of the V-shaped seal ring.
In the free state, the outer diameter of the lip of the V-ring is larger than the inner diameter of the packing cavity, and the inner diameter of the lip is smaller than the outer diameter of the piston rod. In this way, there will be some deformation after assembly. Due to the role of the support ring, this deformation only occurs at the tip of the lip, and pressure is generated at its contact area. Even if no pressing force is applied, the lip can seal a certain internal pressure. Because the lip has a "self-sealing" effect, when the working pressure of the medium increases, the tip of the lip changes the contact shape and increases the contact stress. The lip and the sealed surface are more closely fitted to achieve a sealing effect. The contact pressure increases when the medium pressure increases Rise.