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Material in the formation of v-ring


V-ring materials are most commonly used in nitrile rubb […]

V-ring materials are most commonly used in nitrile rubber and neoprene. Natural rubber is used to seal water and air. Butyl rubber is used in non-flammable hydraulic oil and phosphate ester hydraulic oil. Chlorinated rubber is used in a variety of chemicals and high temperatures.

When abrasion resistance is required, use polyurethane rubber. Clip fabric rubber is also a commonly used material for V-rings, which is characterized by increasing the stiffness and strength of the seal ring to prevent rubber extrusion and gap biting, making it suitable for high pressure. At the same time, during the wear process, rubber wears before the fabric, and when the contact pressure area expands, the wear of the entire sealing surface becomes uniform, but the friction does not change significantly. However, the lip of the fabric rubber sealing ring is easy to scrape off the oil film on the sliding surface, so the lubricity is relatively poor. The pressure ring and the support ring are generally pressed by a harder tape, and the support ring is sometimes pressed by a hard plastic.