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Sealed O-ring knowledge


O-ring O-ring is a rubber seal with a circular cross se […]

O-ring O-ring is a rubber seal with a circular cross section. Because its cross section is O-shaped, it is called O-ring seal, also called O-ring.

O-rings are the most common mechanical design for sealing. O-rings are subjected to pressures of tens of megapascals (thousand pounds). O-rings can be used in static applications or in dynamic applications where there is relative motion between components, such as the shaft of a rotary pump and the piston of a hydraulic cylinder.

O-ring superior performance:
1. The sealing part has a simple structure, compact installation parts and light weight.

2, there is a self-sealing effect, often only a seal can be used to complete the sealing effect.

3, good sealing performance, almost no leakage when used as a fixed seal, when used as a sports seal, only some leakage when the speed is high.

4, the movement friction resistance is very small, can also adapt to the occasion of pressure alternating.

5, size and groove have been standardized, low cost, easy to obtain, easy to use and outsourcing.

O-ring specifications:
O-ring specifications are mainly UHSO ring specifications, UHPO ring specifications, UNO ring specifications, DHO ring specifications, piston rod O-ring specifications, high temperature O-rings, high pressure O-rings, corrosion resistant O-shape Ring, wear-resistant O-ring.