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How to properly assemble the V-ring?


The V-ring is a one-way sealing device, which belongs t […]

The V-ring is a one-way sealing device, which belongs to the scope of a lip seal. The V-shaped sealing ring mainly has two materials: one is pure rubber material, the other is fabric rubber material, of which pure rubber material Nitrile rubber and neoprene rubber are the most commonly used, and they can also be used in combination or superimposed when the working pressure is high. The maximum working pressure of the V-shaped sealing ring can reach 60mpa, and the optimum temperature is between -30~80℃. The working speed of the rubber material is 0.02~0.3m/s, and the cloth material is 0.005~0.5m/Ss. ,- Generally suitable for piston rods and piston seals in high-pressure hydraulic equipment.



The correct installation of the V-shaped sealing ring is not a special mechanical equipment. The assembly of the V-shaped sealing ring does not require special preparations. It is very simple and clear. No other structural measures are required, just stretch the V-shaped sealing ring by 20% during assembly, and then put it on the shaft or push washer. Try not to use sharp tools to place scratches on the product. hurt. The adjustment of the V-seal ring is more important than the installation of the V-seal adjustment. After the V-ring is used for a period of time, the lip will wear out. In order to ensure the durability of the sealing ring, the tight pressure must be adjusted in time. Therefore, the adjustment of the tight pressure of the V-shaped sealing ring is a problem that should be considered in the design. Generally, the method of adjusting the gasket is used. After the thickness and number of the gasket are given, the adjustment amount can be accurately controlled. The spring is adjusted. The diameter is less than 60mm using conical spring, and the diameter is larger than 60m, which should be adjusted with multiple small springs. The cavity where the spring and the V-shaped sealing ring are installed should have good matching accuracy and coaxiality.