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How to install nitrile rubber O-rings?


Features of Nitrile O-ring: Nitrile rubber has good oil […]

Features of Nitrile O-ring: Nitrile rubber has good oil resistance, high wear resistance, good heat resistance and strong adhesion. The defects are poor low temperature resistance, poor ozone resistance, low quality insulation and slightly lower elasticity. It can be used in air at 120°C or in oil at 150°C for a long time. In addition, it also has good water resistance, air tightness and excellent bonding function.


Nitrile rubber O-ring is one of the effective conditions of the sealing equipment, and its preservation is also very important. When storing the newly purchased hermetically sealed horns, ensure that the horns are isolated from the external environment as much as possible to prevent corrosion or wear caused by the influence of the horns. During the installation process, we should also pay attention to the stable running of these basic conditions to prevent foreign objects from entering the unstable running of the sealed environment. When storing and installing O-rings, pay special attention to the following requirements to prevent damage to the normal operation and quality of the O-rings.


Need special clarification
1. The nitrile rubber O-ring will occasionally appear discolored during storage, that is, white powder will be produced on the surface of the O-ring. This situation will not adversely affect the function of the O-ring.
2. The strapping should be prevented from hanging on the needle or metal wire to avoid deformation of the O-ring and damage to the lip end.
3. Try not to open the original packaging of the O-ring when it is not in use, so as to avoid the dust attached to the O-ring and the foreign matter, which may cause damage to the O-ring.
4. When installing, it can be considered to coat the sealing medium on the groove and O-ring.
5. Try to prevent direct sunlight or place it near a high temperature heat source such as a boiler to avoid aging of the O-ring.
6. When installing into the groove, be careful not to twist the O-ring.


The final thing to pay attention to is that the NBR O-ring is a one-time sealing material, and it will not recover after wear and tear. Therefore, although the replaced O-ring is still in good condition, it is under pressure to a certain extent. It has already been degraded in function, so it cannot be used again. Regular replacement of new O-rings is conducive to the effect of maintaining the tightness of the fractured fractures and prolonging the service life of mechanical parts.

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