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How to enhance the aging resistance of rubber seals?


Rubber seals are sealing products with good elasticity. […]

Rubber seals are sealing products with good elasticity. Smaller stresses in different media will produce larger deformations. This deformation can provide contact pressure, compensate for leakage gaps, and achieve the purpose of sealing.


Rubber seals often suffer from aging failure during use. Except when the working conditions during use cannot be changed, it is necessary to strengthen the anti-aging performance in the production design of rubber seals.


The aging phenomena such as cracking, hardening, stickiness, chalking, and tearing strength reduction of rubber seals under repeated deformation conditions are called fatigue aging. Not only rubber seals, but also many of the actual rubber products used are fatigued and aging, such as automobile tires, rubber conveyor belts, shock-proof rubber products, rubber fitness equipment and so on.


Therefore, when designing rubber seals with excellent fatigue and aging resistance, the formula and processing technology should be designed from the type of rubber compound, crosslinking agent and vulcanization system, filler, antioxidant type, and processing technology. The design of anti-aging additives for rubber seals is a more effective way to improve the fatigue life of rubber. Its main function is the stability of structural changes in the fatigue process of rubber seals. Especially under higher temperature conditions, anti-aging additives can effectively hinder Mechanically activates the progress of the oxidation reaction and exerts its effect.