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How to choose hydraulic seals correctly?


How to choose a suitable hydraulic seal is an important […]

How to choose a suitable hydraulic seal is an important part of ensuring the normal operation of the hydraulic system, so what important factors should be considered when selecting a hydraulic seal? The above briefly introduces the influence of various factors on sealing.

1. The change of hydraulic cylinder pressure and pressure cycle has a great influence on the damage of hydraulic seal (such as extrusion). The higher the pressure, the greater the influence of factors such as temperature, speed, sealing material, piston and cylinder gap, piston and cylinder head gap, on the performance of hydraulic sealing.

2. Temperature / or it is difficult to describe the maximum and minimum use temperature of the sealing material, because it is the result of a series of factors. Since the working temperature of the piston and the piston rod are different, different working temperatures should be selected.

3. The friction between the hydraulic seal and the sealing surface depends on many factors: surface roughness, surface characteristics, pressure, medium, temperature, sealing material, sealing type and movement speed.

4. Surface treatment
Experience has shown that the surface characteristics of the cylinder piston rod have a great influence on the service life of the seal. The surface characteristics are defined by the surface roughness Ra value, which is the arithmetic mean of the absolute value of the deviation of the surface shape from the center line. However, some numerical values ​​do not fully reflect the influence of surface conditions on the seal, because even under the same roughness, different surface shape features will cause different degrees of seal wear.